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Safety is of utmost importance to Upstate Forklift and Truck Center, Inc.  Following OSHA regulations is common practice with Upstate Associates.  Bi-weekly safety meetings are held at which the owners and associates sit together to discuss issues that arise, new guidelines set by OSHA and other important safety items.  Below are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from OSHA:


Q.  Are strobe lights or backup alarms required to be installed on lift trucks not already equipped with such items by the manufacturer?

A.  OSHA standards do not require strobe lights or back up alarms on such equipment.


Q.  Are seatbelts and other operator restraints required to be installed on older forklifts that did not come from the factory with such equipment?

A.  Sit down forklifts manufactured prior to October 1993 are not addressed by 29 CFR 1910.178.  However, OSHA can cite the empolyer under Section 5 (a) (1) if the employer did not take advantage of a manufacturers offer for a retrofit.


Q.  Are headlights required on forklift trucks?

A.  In most cases yes.  29 CFR 1010.178 (h) requires that controlled lighting of adequate intensity be provided in operation areas.  Adequate intensity lighting means that general lighting must be more than 2 lumens per square foot.  If less than this, auxilliary directional lighting (headlights) must be provided on the vehicle.


Q.  Can employers add "free rigging"  off the tines of a forklift without changing the data plate on the unit?

A.  No.  Although the attachment of rigging equipment, such as slings, carpet roll probes, spreader bars, shackles or rings is common practice, it will affect the safe operation and capacity of a lift and safe operation shall not be performed by the customer or user without manufacturer's prior written approval.


For Additional Information, visit:    www.osha.gov


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