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Material Handling...

Offering a variety of new and used forklifts, Upstate Forklift is committed to saving you money.


Preventative Maintenance Programs...

A wide array of PM programs are offered by Upstate Forklift and Truck Center, Inc.


Roadside, On Site and In Shop Repairs...

No matter where your truck or lift breaks down, Upstate is prepared to meet your needs.  With a two hour guaranteed response time, Upstate Forklift and Truck Center staff are ready to get you back up and running.


 Parts Department...

Upstate's  Parts Department is second to none when it comes to providing the replacement parts necessary to repair your material handling equipment.  A complete line of belts, hoses, fluids and parts are in stock and available to their technicians 24 hours a day. 


Fleet Management...

Fleet Management is the long term reduction of costs for material handling, thus, resulting in increased efficiency, via a planned replacement program which optimizes the economic life of the equipment.

An independent survey of 500 companies revealed that only 6% of the respondents knew the maintenance cost per hour of each lift truck in their fleet and only 25% of those surveyed reported having an information system that even tracked the labor and parts by lift truck.

How can Upstate Forklift and Truck Center benefit you?

  •   Your company will enjoy the most productive segment of a lift truck's life cycle at the least cost during it's period of use 

  •   Ergonomics will make operators more productive

  •   Downtime will be drastically reduced

  •   Enhanced company profits by reducing excessive or unnecessary maintenance costs on material handling equipment


The 90/10 Rule...

The 90/10 rule still applies and shows that 90% of the cost over the life of a truck is maintenance related and only 10% is the purchase price.  Let's explore some ways to reduce those costs...

  • Consider these questions...

  How many forklifts should you have?

  How old is your fleet?

  how are you collecting forklift maintenance data?

  How can you reduce your fuel costs?

  What are your projected operating costs?


  Customized tires?

  Side shifters?

  Backing alarms?

  Maintenance-free batteries?



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